Google at Mobile World Congress – Android is taking over

Google at Mobile World Congress   Android is taking overI wanted to give you guys a feel for how things are here in Hall 8 of Mobile World Congress. I know I’ve mentioned this before but I’m hereby rebranding Hall 8 as the “Google Hall”. Every single partner here has an Android sitting on the desk with small badges in. You can go around collecting the badges as a treasure hunt and there’s already some swapping going on.

Android isn’t the only OS here of course, lots of people are walking around with either an iPhone, Blackberry or Windows Phone but there’s no denying that Android has become a huge force. It’s something I’m struggling to put into words, so this morning I decided to film my trip to see Google. Have a look at the last few minutes of this footage. I think it puts everything into perspective.

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  • JR

    Argh, that bikinidroid, it burns the eyes, kill it, kill it!

  • Anonymous

    WOW! WOW! WOW! So many mobile companies now rely pretty much entirely on Google to have a business (like Microsoft for Desktops). There’s no chance Microsoft can compete with this.

    With so many Android phones out there, why is it iPhone that is still considered “the” smartphone to own by the masses? Android is definitely known about iPhone in public perception still wins.

    • No chance Microsoft can compete with this? That’s what everyone thought when everyone was buying nokias! Now look at how the Market has panned out? It’s great that theres so much competition. I own an iPhone but I’m rooting for Microsoft to make a decent attempt with windows phone 7 and now with nokia on board hopefully brand awareness will kick in as both companies start promoting.

      Competition is good. This way no one is standing still and the whole mobile os Market and Eco system is constantly evolving.