Vodafone Reduce Tethering Options

It seems these days all networks apart from Three are trying to cut back on data use over the network and prefer to push customers onto WiFi.

Vodafone are the latest company to cut back on their allowance, last night when browsing their official site under the Phone as Modem section I noticed the changes.

Before now there were 2 options available to add on to contracts.

  • £15 for 3GB (no VOIP or P2P)
  • £25 for 5GB (includes VOIP and P2P)

Above are the new options and no you are not seeing double they both offer 2GB and both for £15 the difference is in the service you get.  The first option ‘Via your phone’ is just for tethering and on the phone, no VOIP access.  The second ‘Via the phone plus’ costs the same for the same price but does allow VOIP use.

The 3GB option has now become 2GB and the 5GB no longer exists.

The big question is seeing as both options cost the same and you get the same allowance why have 2 options?.

Link: Vodafone Tethering