iPlayer now available for Android

iPlayer now available for Android

The BBC iPlayer has just gone live on the Android Market. UK licence-fee payers will be able to watch and listen to BBC TV and Radio shows from the last 7 days. You can also use the app to watch and listen to live broadcasts.
Features include the ability to browse through the TV and radio schedules, add shows as “favourites” and sorting through popular shows.

Link – Android Market

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  • Bugeyes

    sorry BBC waste of time for the vast majority of android users!
    just an attempt to stop us whining about having no iplayer app? perhaps!
    or am i just sore my android cant run flash? lol!

  • franksomesense

    requires flash AND wifi… I’m sticking with myplayer

  • Me

    no point for me, i have an X10 (all laugh now)

  • Alisonhayter

    My HTC Wildfire will not support it, thanks BBC I got excited for nothing.

  • Mahall1988

    i have htc desire hd and it runs fine seems its only supported on newer phones