Avete un cellulare Android?

Avete un cellulare Android?

Do you have an Android Handset?  Well, the title is the Italian for that phrase…

You see, myself and Miss T are off to Italy for the week and being a geek, I want to do as much as possible without resorting to a paper based guide book.  I’m already loaded with Google Maps, CoPilot, some guide apps for Rome and Florence, and my PowerMonkey for when the battery starts dying on me…

…but I know that there is a huge amount of travel knowledge amongst our CoolSmartPhone readers.  So do you know of any app (paid or free) that you just couldn’t do without when you travel?  Anything essential?  Anything to avoid?

Please make your suggestions as usual, and I’ll try and play with them while I’m over there and write a review when I get back.  When my legs have recovered from all the walking…


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  • Mmoott

    Yelp is very useful :)

  • Chris

    How do you get on with the PowerMonkey,thinking of getting one for a long distance bike ride i am doing in the summer.

  • the powermonkey is great, approx one and a half charges for my desire. I got it from the Orange website when they were selling them off for £10.

  • Tirinoarim

    I assume you are giving the local lingo a try with Google Translate?