Samsung Galaxy Tab Price Drop

In the last few days; probably in reaction to the news of the new Galaxy Tab, Amazon have dropped the price of the existing galaxy tab. I spotted this whilst using the new amazon app yesterday.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Price Drop


The other retailers that stock these have yet to follow suit. Google shopper reveals the next closest price is about £437. The question that remains though is “shall I get one of these” or “shall I wait for the new shiny tablets being released in a few months”.

Edit- As the day has gone on various other retailers are now selling it at this rate. You can now choose from Pc World, Currys, Dixons or Tesco.

The other thing worth noting is that if you buy one of these before the end of February you will be eligible for the Samsung entertainment pack. Which includes various films, games, books and music. In total about £200 worth of extras.

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  • Anonymous

    Look harder, especially at Tesco.

  • PC World too…. follows the drop in the US a couple of days ago….

  • Anonymous

    “Edit:As the day has gone on”. Sorry James but Tesco reduced the price at least 2 days ago!

  • Anonymous

    Link to a post i made on XDA developers on Tuesday:

  • Not a bad price but with no guarantee of Honeycomb it just feels a bit crazy to splash out on this when more exciting products are nearly upon us.

  • Simon

    you’d get a better deal buying online at best buy via quidco. they are doing the £359 price with a free 16GB sd card and via quidco you get 10% off. bargain. got mine for £400 at christmas contract free so i don’t feel too ripped off :-)