HTC Desire 2 snapped for real?

HTC Desire 2 snapped for real?Another handset we saw last week in rendered form has now popped out for a stroll (or train ride) right next to a hidden camera. If we’ve got this right it could .. possibly.. be the Desire 2. A front-facing camera is visible but other than that we’ll all have to wait for the fun at Mobile World Congress to begin. We’ll be in Barcelona yet again to give you the full low-down, so don’t forget to tune in.

Link – EngadgetHTC Desire 2 snapped for real?

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  • Not the best shots. I’m now out of contract and waiting to be wowed enough to be parted with my hard earned dough. My Desire is still fairly high end nearly a year after purchase and there’s just nothing I’ve seen that’s really worth upgrading to.