HTC Leak – HTC Desire 2 pictured?

HTC Leak   HTC Desire 2 pictured?OK, this is getting crazy now. Another leaked HTC handset has popped up on the web and, by the looks of it, it seems to be a successor the the fantastic HTC Desire. It’s all guesswork at the minute and the guys from Pocketnow reckon that this is a Desire HD replacement, but we’re more inclined to think that the Desire is due to be replaced first. Note that camera up-front for video calls..

Your thoughts? Chime in on the comments below..

Link – Pocketnow

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  • JonasDroid

    No trackball/trackpad?? why I love my trackpad it’s pretty handy and I use it to wake my phone (HTC Legend)

  • Anonymous

    Please have gorilla glass

  • Anonymous

    No way will this be a Desire HD replacement. It’s way too early. Hopefully it’s the Desire 2 though because that’s due an upgrade. I really hope they do call it the Desire 2 because the Desire brand is probably the strongest Android brand going.