HTC Launching Android Tablets soon?

HTC Launching Android Tablets soon?Android tablets are everywhere – even amongst the beans and pickled onions in Tesco. Many, including us, have been wanting to know when HTC are going to get in on the action. Up until now it’s all been pretty quiet, but with Mobile World Congress coming up we’re already expecting some big announcements from the company. Indeed, DigiTimes have today revealed that HTC will be launching three tablet devices in the first half of this year with the first model being named the “Flyer”. It will apparently look like a “larger HTC Desire” and packs Android 2.3 with 3.0 on the way. This will appear in the second quarter with two other tablets running Android 3.0 on the way in June.

We were pretty impressed with the HTC Shift when that came out – sure, it was heavy but it ran Windows Mobile and Windows – HTC will hopefully cut down the bulk with Android, plus HTC will probably be working hard to make their tablets stand out from the crowded market.

Link – DigiTimes
Credit – Mark Biglin