Shazam and Spotify join forces

Shazam and Spotify join forces The excellent music finding service Shazam and the brilliant music listening service Spotify have joined forces in an update to the Shazam premium apps on iPhone and Android.

As long as you have both apps installed, when you find a track using Shazam you can tap the “Play in Spotify” button, and it will launch the track in Spotify for you to listen to, as well as letting you explore more music from the artist. At the moment this is only available on the Shazam Premium app, it will shortly be coming to the free app as well.

This is a really excellent demonstration of what modern mobile technology can do – hear a track you like while you are out and about, press a couple of buttons and you can be listening to it in your playlist in seconds.

Link Spotify blog

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  • Rooster

    An interesting and sensible marriage, but just when will Spotify be coming to WP7. If it doesn’t come quick, I’ll have to end my premium subscription and for with Zune pass!

  • Anonymous

    I thought it already was? It’s definitely coming. You need Spotify Premium btw but this does look excellent.

    And Windows Mobile + Symbian too I’m guessing? Spotify and Shazam are on both of those platforms too.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting – though this type of integration has been available between Shazam and Zune on Windows Phone 7 for the last couple of months.

    Nice to see rivals playing catch-up to Windows Phone for a change – usually it’s us WP owners waiting to catch with Android and iOS!

  • Rickardo

    Motorola have stated that Defy (in Europe) will be getting 2.2 Froyo in Q1/Q2 this year. I have this phone and love it apart from the poor Exchange implementation (but I believe that is common for non-HTC Android phones), having come from HTC Touch Pro2.

    • Rickardo

      Sorry, for some reason I was on the Defy review but when I clicked on ‘Post as’ it jumped to here!