T-Mobile data cap – The backlash begins

T Mobile data cap   The backlash beginsA lot of you will remember the recent data cap announced by T-Mobile. It’s prompted a pretty substantial backlash from customers with images like this landing in our inbox. T-Mobile state that this is all part of the joint Everything Everywhere venture with Orange and “brings into line” their policy.

Know Your Mobile are now reporting that communications regulator Ofcom will be investigating the change.

We’ve had a heated response to our earlier story (check the comments) with customers contacting the BBC, writing template letters and more. Let us know your thoughts on this one.

Update – There’s even a Cancellation Letter Template available to download. It seems that T-Mobile have not, as they should, given a 30-day notification of this change, which is due to go live on February 1st.

Links – Know Your MobileBitterwallet.com
Credit – Thanks Squirreleater1