Windows Phone 7 – Microsoft fit a turbo

Windows Phone 7   Microsoft fit a turbo

Windows Phone 7 owners should be getting an update very soon. We’ve already discussed what will be inside – copy and paste, some fixes and other tweaks etc. Now we’re getting more news that it’ll deliver something extra – a boost in speed. Improvements to memory management should mean that apps will load faster – somthing we picked up on in our review some months back.

Microsoft took to the floor at CES to confirm the changes and the addition of CDMA support for US networks like Sprint and Verizon but hey, enough of the waffle, check the video below for a “before and after” comparison checking the speed difference pre and post update…

As for a timeline, Microsoft are still saying, “the next couple of months”..

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Credit – WMPowerUser

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  • SonicR360

    Could be interesting.
    A post was made talking about mobile phone shares & android doing well & Microsoft not…. But I think you have to give in another 12 months to see how successful it will be in terms of Market Share.

    • Bozo

      I would have very soon been another WP7 customer to add to the share stats had it not been for network exclusives on handsets. I want WP7, but I want it on the HTC HD7. Unfortunately this is only available on O2. That being the case, there is no need for them to be competitive on costs for this. On top of that, O2 isn’t great where I live.

      So over to Android it is, for the Desire HD. Unfortunately not on 3’s one plan, as testing a PAYG sim and their signal is crap here too. :(

  • Mshire

    Voice navigation, media streaming and custom ringtones will complete it for me, but cut and paste, speed boost and the zune search improvements are very welcome

  • Rooster

    Looking forward to the update – thanks for the news. I was worried over Christmas that Coolsmartphone was loosing relevance for me – few new news items etc. However, I now appreciate that was due to the major overhaul of the site, and am pleased to see such news items of relevance appear now its back to business.

  • atcoates

    I was starting to feel very lost on coolsmartphone and felt like the only windows 7 phone owner on here. Nice to see there are a few of us on here. And it’s nice to see a sensible conversation rather than the normal bashing that seems to go on as soon as someone says anything about anything these days.

  • I know what you mean. Different devices for different people. I have an iPhone but always visit coolsmartphone to see whats going on in the smartphone world. Before christmas it did seem to be Android news all the time, but then there wasn’t much going on anywhere else, but now they seem to be back on track.

    Always find it interesting to see what other phone makers are up to. Ive yet to have a play with Windows Phone 7 but if I didnt have an iPhone id be straight in there. It looks so smooth. Software updates as reported in the story above seem pretty good to. Faster app loading and copy and paste. iPhone owners had to wait a while for their Copy and paste firmware update. Having used Windows Mobile tons in the paste it’s nice to see Microsoft actually supporting their mobile OS with updates. Good stuff!

    • sonicr360

      Morning Tom
      Agree to this. There are too many trolls to cause trouble. I seem to recall that when MS WinMobile dominated the market & iPhone was announced in 2007, people were in uproad (ie: it was rubbish, expensive, would not last). But I think this device has changed the way we use and appreciate smartphones. Heck I moved off my WinMob 6.5 in 2010 and switched to iPhone and never looked back. I agree that this site seemed to cover ALOT of Android news, and I contacted the Site owner and in honesty, things have improved. But I hate the trolls who seem to either bitch over their device is better than someone elses.
      Fact: If you have a Smartphone that WORKS, and does what you want it to do, does it really matter? There is a choice out there. There is also a choice of various other Web Sites that cover smartphone devices. Give Windows time…. things may well improve. Also, I think MS have not really had much to say since the CES Show…. so hopefully more news may follow!