Android overtakes Apple in US

Android’s phenomenal growth shows no signs of abating, and now Android as an OS has overtaken Apple for the first time in the US, in terms of market share.

Android overtakes Apple in US

New handset sales of Android devices had already been ahead of iPhones, but Apple had a headstart and larger overall marketshare, until these latest statistics from Comscore. They show that Android is now in second place, just ahead of Apple, but still behind RIM.

Talking of RIM, the Blackberry manufacturer’s decline appears to be accelerating, giving up over 4% to Android in the quarter ending November 2010. Microsoft were the other big loser.

Those stats won’t have given Windows Phone 7 any real chance to show an impact, so it will be really interesting to see what impact Windows Phone 7 has.

Link comScore

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  • Burko

    Uh-Oh, expect an Apple Fanboy backlash in 3….2…..1….

    • Botboy

      Hark at the Appleites squirm with excuses…
      Lets face it the iPhone has had its day (just like when the battery runs out) and the Droid will go from strength to strength because it is free, open and can be held in either hand to get a signal.

      • SonicR360

        Trolls are back :-)

      • SonicR360

        Must say, my colleague has the Desire, and complains about the Battery, so I would not say that is a fair point. However, his mate has the iPhone4, and even I have to admit, it seems better. So he states. Like I said, stats are stats, and it also does not give Windows much of a chance, so I would give it time and not read too much into it. Not sure I welcome open source, but each to their own.

  • Egon

    Can you tell me how many handsets apple has out and how many android have out be a good comparison aswell..

    • mt50

      just what i was thinking its no surprise really when you think of how many different handsets are on sale yet only one iphone is released per 12month

  • sonicr360

    Stats are fine, but c’mon…… If users are happy wth their choice of mobile phone, does it really matter than much?