SPV E200 Review by ex-Nokia user

SPV E200… Is it really worth all the hype?

My immediate reaction to that answer would have to be yes… being a loyal Nokia fan, it was a big jump going over to a different mobile, but it was an excellent choice.

Being a SPV-first timer, if the E200’s are like this, what are the future versions going to be like? – Hopefully something that will make orange (and eventually o2, with their SPV equivalent, made by the same people who make the SPV) stand out of the crowd.

Before the SPV I had a Nokia 3650 (yes I know its like going back in time to having a breezeblock in your pocket!) – But it had some decent technology in it…

SPV E200 Review by ex Nokia user

The first thing that stands out between them two is the Bluetooth… whilst the SPV does have more support for it, I find it odd how it wont let you send pictures/sounds/video via Bluetooth, where as the far less superior 3650 will let you (maybe an update will see this revealed?!) – and again, the video messaging, which has been available on the 3650 since it came out (and yes, I’ve sent video messages on orange, before the new “orange world” packs came out) is unavailable on the SPV until the new year… which isn’t that far off…. But still it would have been nice to do that straight away…

…ok so those were the things that were niggling me, and wanted to get off my chest.

This phone is by far one of the fastest I’ve used, however it does take a while to boot up… it isn’t a major problem, as what the phone can actually do when its running makes up for that…

I’m impressed by the camera & video functions (with and without sound) – video is ever so slightly jerky, but nothing worth crying over.

SPV E200 Review by ex Nokia user

I’m surprised Orange hasn’t mentioned in their manual, all the nifty shortcuts available (or maybe the main most useful…) for instance, if you hold down the “end call” button for a few seconds on the home screen, it locks the keypad (saves you from going the long way – pressing the power button, then option 3) – and the most useful one whilst txtin’, hold down # and a symbol page will come up (for those symbols that don’t appear when you press the “1” button)

I’ve only had this piece of kit a few days, and I haven’t (yet) had a grudge against it (well, its tough luck if I don’t like it, as there’s no 14 day return on upgrades! Hehe).

 Not a thorough review I know, but basically, the SPV is one helluva gadget – certainly with some hardware behind it to give it that kick that makes it, in my opinion, better than the mpx200 (I tested both in the shop… SPV is that little bit faster, and has the latest version of windows mobile/smartphone (whatever it wants to be known as!!)…

SPV E200 Review by ex Nokia user