Mitac Mio DigiWalker (8380)

So, as I said a while ago I went to Taiwan to see about buying the Mio, yes I know its a hell of a way to go just for a phone, but I was in the area (Singa). I also know a friend out there so that sealed it.

After really boring flight from Singa to Taipei via Hong Kong and a very long taxi ride I went to several different mobile phone stores, got a good price and took it back to my friends house.

Played with it all night!! 

I tried out the camera, much better than the SPV, the refresh rate is fantastic. The video feature is amazing.

Overall it feels much faster, the extra Mhz is really helping.

Now I would have done a fuller review of the kit, but (and this what sucks the most!) it got stolen last night in Hong Kong!!!!

I am so gutted! I just hope my insurance pays up and I can get my friend to send me one.

The most annoying thing is that who ever now holds it will be throwing it away soon, as there is no one else at the moment who sells the charger. GUTTED!