Comparison : Tanager (E100 / Smart Amazing Phone) vs Nokia 6310i

This isn’t really a full review, but just to give you a better understanding of the size and general feel of the Tanager (aka. The Smart Amazing Phone / QTek / SPV E100 etc), here are some pictures I took of it alongside my old Nokia 6310i. Almost everyone has probably seen or had a Nokia 6310i (or the earlier version, the 6210, which is the same size), so you should have a good idea what sizes you’ll be dealing with.

Straight away you can see that it isn’t as long as the Nokia, which is a pretty good thing! Oh, and of course you get a wickedly clear snazzy colour screen on the Tanager, whereas the Nokia has some two-colour rubbish… ;)

Yes, I know it’s a bit blurry – I can never seem to get the focus right! I think I got the keyboard in the background spot on. :) Anyway, you can see here that the Tanager is a bit “fatter” than the Nokia.

This difference is more pronounced here at the top. The Tanager, as with the Canary (Orange SPV) before it, has the integral antennae and IR at the top, along with the colour screen, so it makes the top portion the deepest part.

And here’s the last shot – again I have the keyboard in the background is focussed perfectly. :) You can see, even though they’re not quite aligned, the huge difference in length here, along with the slight depth difference, which isn’t major.


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