Three Updates ‘The One Plan’, Blows Data Users Away!!

Three Updates The One Plan, Blows Data Users Away!!

UK network Three have updated their amazing price package called ‘The One Plan’ today and this has to be the ultimate deal for heavy users and those of us who love to use data and not want to worry about fair use policies.

The word ‘Unlimited’ has been used many times before and in fact it is far from unlimited.  Three now have scrapped FUP on data when you are on The One Plan and are referring to it as ‘All You Can Eat’ instead…. and yes, to confirm this once and for all you CAN use as much data as you want!.  When I heard about this deal I asked the question about FUP and was told, “Maybe if you use your phone to power a massive company we will take a look, but for personal use there are NO LIMITS”.

This is available to all existing customers on the plan, those upgrading, anyone signing up from tomorrow and also includes customers who are on or want a SIM Only.

Three really are fast becoming the Mobile Data network with blazing fast speeds all across the UK, fantastic offers with allowances on the iPad including 15GB.  A MASSIVE well done to Three for this great offer!

Link – Three Blog