NoiseHush N650 – Solar-powered Bluetooth chat

NoiseHush N650   Solar powered Bluetooth chat Today we have a look at a device from WirelessGround. This is the NoiseHush N650 Solar Bluetooth Car Kit and they currently have it on sale for $59.95. Put simply, this is an easy-to-install car kit which clicks onto your windscreen and charges via a solar panel on the back. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, at this time of year there isn’t much sun here in the UK, but don’t worry – there’s a car charger provided too.

We gave it a test and had it powered on for a one hour journey (including a 10 minute call) in this rather grim weather and it still had (some) charge left at the end of the journey. The call quality is great, as is the noise cancellation, and even on high-speed routes you can still hear everything clearly.

Being a car-based device it was a chance to do some more car-based filming, so I jumped on it 😉

Update – Our full review is now online, so do check it out.

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