Spotify for Windows Mobile 6 & Windows Phone 7

Spotify for Windows Mobile 6 & Windows Phone 7

Spotify have released a mobile app for their Premium service for Windows Mobile 6.x phones AND announced that their will be a Windows Phone 7 app coming as well! 

There aren’t many WP7 apps out there yet, so its great to hear someone like Spotify are supporting the platform. It’s also an interesting one, given that one of the features of the Zune store is a streaming package that undercuts Spotify Premium by £1 a month. That said, there’s a lot more artists on Spotify than Zune’s streaming service at present. 

That also makes it easy for those with multiple devices and OS to port their listening to their other devices – compile a playlist on your Android phone or tablet, and it will be available straight away on your Windows Phone, PC, Mac and iPhone. 

No word on timing though – but make it soon Spotify  🙂 


Link Spotify blog

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