Next Android tablet – Reviewed

Next Android tablet   Reviewed Last week we published stats on the Next Android tablet. Since then Rory Cellan-Jones has had a chance to play with it and delivers his report to the BBC. It’s a rather unfortunate outcome, and something we’re hearing all too often with some cut-price Chinese Android tablets. The device lost power too quickly, the resistive screen lacked responsiveness and it seemed to struggle with simple setup tasks.

Rory makes a very valid point in the item though..

“It is Google which should be concerned. Its Android operating system has been going great guns lately, overtaking Apple in some smartphone markets and now popping up on a number of good-looking new tablet computers like the Samsung Tab. But Google has no control over who uses the open source system, so when someone produces a tablet which gives users a dreadful impression of Android there is nothing it can do.”

Retailer “Next” have stated that the device Rory used could have been faulty, but you can click the link below and video the video and read the report to decide for yourself.

Link – Next Android Tablet (