New Windows Phone 7 Adverts – What do you think?

New Windows Phone 7 Adverts   What do you think? A couple of adverts featuring the HTC Mondrian have appeared online. They’re arrived, as most Windows Phone 7 information, through rather unofficial channels but show the approach that Microsoft are taking in their new marketing campaign. The ads show people using their phones a little too much – while cycling, on roller-coasters, sky-diving, standing at the urinals, running and walking down stairs (I did that once, not a good idea).

The ad states..

“It’s time for a phone to save us from our phones. The new Windows Phone, the first phone designed to bring you the stuff you need and get you back to what matters.”

We’ll open this up to the floor. What do you think of the new ads? It seems that Microsoft are trying to make the “important stuff” appear in the relevant place at the right time, with the tag-line, “Less stop and stare, more glance and go”

Click on to see the American TV commercials for AT&T.

Links – AT&T Ad 1AT&T Ad 2

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