HTC Launch rumours. We’ve no idea what this is

HTC Launch rumours. Weve no idea what this is On Wednesday we’ll be going First Class on a fast train (pah, who are we kidding?) to London for a rather large HTC launch event. Everything will be streamed, tweeted and posted here for your pleasure but there’s already many rumours about what’ll be launched.

The Desire Z (QWERTY) and Desire HD are pretty much dead certs, but there’s rumours of a “HD3” with Windows Phone 7. Hmmm..

Confusingly this rendered image of the Android-based Desire HD (which looks like this in the flesh has appeared online and, for reasons best known to whoever created it, there’s a Windows Mobile 6.5 screenshot up front. Meh?

We’ll be live next Wednesday to see for ourselves, so tune in for the fireworks.

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Via – Engadget