Paid-for apps. What’s stopping you?

Paid for apps. Whats stopping you? During my tired web-stumbling last night I found this comic from The Oatmeal. It’s basically making fun of the people who spend a fortune on gadgets and phones, only to freak out at the fairly tiny price of apps. This, I’ll admit, is me. Why? Well, I’m not totally sure. If I’m browsing the Android Market I’ll always give priority to the free apps, even if there’s a monster advert for something in the app itself.

There’s plenty of paid-for applications out there, and they’re rather splendid for the most part, but I tend to stop when there’s a chance to buy. Part of this I think is the ever-so-slightly cumbersome way that Android apps are sold.

“”Oh man, you want my credit card details? That’s going to take a bit. Can’t I just click “Buy” and have it charged magically to my phone bill?”

It could just be me, but I believe that making things like this a one-click process is the key to selling more paid-for apps. Let us know your thoughts though, I’m interested to see how many of you do avoid paid-for apps and why.

Link (and image credit) – The Oatmeal