Behind the scenes – an update

Behind the scenes   an update Morning all. I’d just like to keep you posted on a few things that are happening behind the scenes.

It’s been an incredibly busy few days. Last week we started seeing drive errors on our server, so we shipped everything to a temporary box and swapped the drive out. Strangely, we’ve continued to see drive errors on the server despite the new drive and have come to the conclusion that the drive controller is busted.

What now? Well, we need a new motherboard or a whole new server. We’re getting costs for this now but there’s something else we’re working on too, and that’s the look of the site. We changed it a few years ago but I personally feel that it needs a refresh and a more professional edge. This is something else we’re working on so I’m pretty busy juggling news items, server rebuilds and web design at the moment. There is, as always, a cost to this, so if you’d like to donate any loose change, please click on. Likewise, if you have a quad-core server hanging around, let me know. 🙂