Samsung Galaxy S Update…. Issue With Warranty?

Samsung Galaxy S Update.... Issue With Warranty?

In what is a strange situation for owners of the Samsung Galaxy S on Vodafone in the UK, it was reported that customers using the CD to install Kies which allows software updates once you plug the phone in it stated a software update was available.

However if you installed this update you would void the warranty as it was not ‘vodafone approved software’

The eForum had posted the following information on the matter

“Our warranty allows you to get faulty handsets repaired through us even if you don’t have insurance on the condition that your phone is running Vodafone approved software and it is within your contracted period.”

Going off that comment once installing the update your Vodafone warranty would be void.

However just a few hours after the story was run by The Register, a statement from Vodafone was released staying that Vodafone WILL still honor the warranty of these software upgraded devices.

The story was picked up over on Talk3G with members posting replies such as 

this is unbelievable. and Vodafone seem to be on some kind of commercial suicide mission. What on earth are they thinking?

Thankfully this matter has now come to an end with customers knowing they still have a warranty in place and support from Vodafone in the future but the worst part was how all this confusion came out in the first place.

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