Huawei U8150 coming to UK on Orange?

Huawei U8150 coming to UK on Orange? Huawei are expected to launch this budget phone on 2nd September, and Orange are a possible partner in the UK to host it on its network.

So what can you expect if this is the handset you want to spend your hard earned cash on?  Well, Froyo for starters, 3.2 Megapixel camera, a 2.8 inch capacitive (thank goodness) screen, HSDPA, GPS, wifi, but only a 528MHz processor.

On the downside, I cent imagine this being the quickest of cats with that processor –  its the same speed as the Hero – although we could always be surprised.  And no numbers for the on-board RAM, but I wouldn’t expect and surprises there.

On the upside, this could help more people switch to Android.  Which boosts the platform and makes it more attractive for app developers.  Which is good for all of us.  Although it might not be a geeky cup of tea, it all helps casual users to move across at a reasonable price.

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