Do you want an easier way to comment?

Do you want an easier way to comment? I have a question for you lot. Just lately, due to hardware problems and firewall tweaks, we’ve been fiddling around in the datacentre and generally scratching our heads quite a bit. It’s got me thinking about the way the site works and I’m feeling that many people aren’t using our forum to respond to stories.

Why is this ? Well, I’m guessing it’s the usual problem. You have something you want to say, but there’s the whole signing-up process and then the email validation thing, then you have to go back to the original story, remember what you wanted to post and then, finally post it. This process is a necessary evil against the spammers but, to most, it’s annoying to have to fiddle around with all this stuff if you’ve not registered before.

So I’ve been looking at options, and wondered if registering has put you off. We could use a different system, but I’d like to guage opinion first. Do let me know (hey, just contact me if you want) as I’d love to get more feedback to these news items.

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