Pro-Nazi apps appear in the Android Market

Pro Nazi apps appear in the Android Market This morning I had the misfortune to read this engadget article. It relates to some apps that appear in the Android Market when you do a search for the word “Jewish”. Amongst the apps you want are a few Hitler / Nazi apps that you really shouldn’t be seeing, and they all specifically have the key-words “jewish” in them.

The people behind these apps are and seem to have no problem publishing pro-Hitler applications on the market. We’d like to ask you not to visit their site though (we’re not linking to it here) as it seems to be distributing malware.

In a modern world, we’re all for free speech, but this maybe a little too much for an application store. If you agree, go to the Android market, find these apps and click “Flag as inappropriate”. If you don’t, well – they seem to range from $0.99 to $2.99.

Update – Google have now pulled these applications as “as a violation of Android content policy”.

Link – engadget