Galaxy S – Have you experienced lag ?

Galaxy S   Have you experienced lag ? A few days back I had a mail from Josh. He told me about some serious lag and black screen hangs on the Galaxy S. Unfortunately our server then decided to explode so I never got around to looking at it. He’s written to Samsung and there’s a number of posts about the issue on various web forums.

An official fix doesn’t seem to be available everywhere (we’re hearing that some countries have had updates to patch this) but there does appear to be a couple of unofficial fixes over on XDA-Developers. There’s a “one click fix” which creates a virtual EXT2 file system (but requires root) and this second fix which uses a Windows tool.

Do let us know if you’ve experienced these issues and whether you’ve fixed them using one of these tools. We’d ideally like to get an official fix and, with enough support, we’ll hopefully have the same level of success that Vodafone Desire owners recently had with their “crapware update”. 🙂

Links – Galaxy S (One-click lag fix)CFLagFix
Credit – Joshua Fullalove