Zendesk app for iPhone (& Android)

Zendesk app for iPhone (& Android) Zendesk have updated the iPhone app for their Helpdesk software to optimize it on iOS4.

Zendesk is a web based helpdesk system with Twitter integration, and some nice smartphone apps. The iPhone app now features:

• iOS 4 optimized application including multitasking support and high resolution graphics for the iPhone 4’s Retina Display

• Twitter integration so agents can easily identify a twicket – a Zendesk ticket created from Twitter – and tweet back to the requester publicly or via direct message

• Access to ticket requester information including name, date, and monitored Twitter account with one tap

It’s really good to apps like this – I have always thought that smartphones were a perfect front end for CRM systems and it’s great to see companies using new techologies like Twitter in business as well. 

As well as the iPhone app, there is also an Android version of the software, which is excellent to see. Android doesn’t yet seem to have the same pull for corporations developing apps, and is often behind iPhone, so good to see both are available.

Best still – both apps are free!

If you don’t currently use Zendesk you can get a 30 day free trial from their website. 

Link – Video demo of Zendesk iPhone app