HTC Mozart coming in October?

HTC Mozart coming in October? Windows Phone 7 is coming at the end of this year according to Microsoft, but we’ve already starting hearing about a possible “HTC Mozart” device and there’s this supposed image floating around the internet. Quoting an earlier-than-expected October release, it’s supposedly from a Telstra leaflet in Australia, but we have severe doubts.

Click on to see the image close-up and you’ll see that the phone itself is actually a Desire with a Windows Phone 7 screenshot pasted on top. This may have been done by the people making the leaflets and we’ve seen incorrect phones or mock-ups getting pasted into “Coming soon” sections of magazines and websites many times before, so there’s still a slim possibility that a HTC Mozart device is coming in October.

The jury is out on this one..

Link – XDA-Developers
Credit – Thomas Connolly

HTC Mozart coming in October?

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