HTC Wildfire – Err.. we have a problem

HTC Wildfire   Err..  we have a problem HTC have sent us three HTC Wildfire phones so we’re composing a slightly different review. Three different types of customers will be using these as their main phone for the next week. First there’s the “techy guy” (me), then we have the “never used Android or HTC Sense before” user (my wife) and then the “considering Android and HTC Sense” user (my mate Dave).

The problem is that everyone seems to love the Wildfire and doesn’t want to give it back. I’m not joking either – my wife has already customised the phone with a backdrop, lock-screen picture and a Kylie Minogue ringtone (thanks to Androring) whilst Dave has upgraded Google Maps to add Navigation and simply won’t let go of the thing.

A review, featuring thoughts from all three, will be online soon, but until then we’ve got another little video here showing Google Maps, the camera, Friend Stream and that new HTC App Sharing feature. Pictures to come later..

Link – YouTube