HTC Desire delayed on o2, now arriving in May

HTC Desire delayed on o2, now arriving in May We saw the HTC Desire in o2 catalogues last month. The o2 website added a dedicated page for the phone and it was due to arrive at the end of April, which is pretty much.. now. However, the o2 Blog now says different…

“Unfortunately the testing we carry out to make sure the phone’s ready for launch has taken longer than we had hoped, meaning we won’t be able to launch it at the end of April like we originally planned. Instead, we’re aiming to get it launched for mid-May and we’ll update this page as soon as we have an exact date.”

When it does arrive it’ll be free on £35 p/m monthly plans (24 month contract) and free on £40 p/m 18 month contracts. If you’re waiting for it, check out our mini-review.

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