Gizmodo and the secret iPhone – Things get ugly

Gizmodo and the secret iPhone   Things get ugly We’ve covered this over on iPhoneBANG but now things have taken an even stranger turn with that unreleased iPhone. So, the story so far. A poor Apple employee went out and had a few too many German beers. In his pocket, an all-new unreleased iPhone disguised as an iPhone 3GS. Guy gets far too drunk, goes home leaving the iPhone on a barstool. Someone picks the phone up and removes the disguise.

Some time later, it appears that the phone was sold to gizmodo and they proceeded to take lots of photos. Apple then get ratty and demand the phone back. Now the police are involved and the latest is that Police in California have smashed their way into the home of a Gizmodo editor and taken several servers and computers. The guy wasn’t even in – he came home to find his home in bits. Nice.

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