Orange announce new business data plans

Orange announce new business data plans Orange have added some new mobile broadband deals to their portfolio with extra data allowances for businesses and data-hungry customers. Four contract options now include the folowing packages..

“Business Everywhere 5 to 9” – Unlimited data between 5pm to 9am every weekday (plus weekend) – £10 p/m

“Business Everywhere 9 to 5” – Unlimited data between 9am to 5pm every weekday – £10 p/m

“Business Everywhere Lite” – Up to 1GB of data anytime – £7.50 p/m.

“Business Everywhere Unlimited” – Unlimited data usage at any time – £15 p/m.

We’re not sure whether “normal customers” will be able to get these deals or whether they’re locked down to registered businesses, but you guys will no doubt be posting about it shortly. Orange has the UK’s biggest 3G network covering more people than any other.

Link – Press Release