3 UK launching six Android phones

Six new Android phones will be appearing on UK network “3” in the next three months. The details, announced by Mobile News, mention Sony Ericsson and Samsung, with the HTC Hero already selling.

The Spotify app location – which lets you listen to music and share it amongst your friends – will also be included on the upcoming Android phones with 3 Head of Internet Services, David Kerrigan, stating..

“We are focussed heavily on providing our mobile internet-powered applications and will make them available to more people this year. The Spotify application will be available on all Android devices we launch on the network. These applications have been important in driving mobile data and will be available as an add-on for all contract tariffs going forward.”

We’re guessing that one or more of the X10 phones and possibly the Samsung Galaxy Lite will be part of the line-up, but more news as we get it.

Link – Mobile News

Credit – Johnny De’Silva