A weekend with the HTC Legend

A weekend with the HTC Legend Keep an eye on the site this weekend, because we’ve got a little surprise for you all. We took a shine to a certain handset at Mobile World Congress last month. The HTC Legend was launched alongside the HTC Desire and a Windows Mobile device called the HD mini.

The Legend, like the Desire, runs Android – but the Legend stood out purely due to the design and construction. This is a device moulded from a single piece of aluminium which looked and felt brilliant, with the all-new HTC Sense interface speeding atop the latest 2.1 Android OS.

There’s hardly any of these in the UK but we’ve managed to get the HTC Legend for just two days. This weekend we may not have time for a full review, but we’ll be adding as many videos and photos as possible, along with our thoughts and answers to your questions. Follow us and send in your questions via Twitter or give me a shout. Don’t forget that you can subscribe to our videos and RSS feed for the latest.