Windows or Android? Let us know in our 5 second poll

Windows or Android? Let us know in our 5 second poll

Yes, we know that Microsoft had to press the “reboot” button. The Windows Mobile OS was on a huge range of phones and networks, with additional interfaces and tweaks making updates difficult and time-consuming. Stiff competition from Android and Apple, with on-board application stores and constant OS updates, seemed to push the Windows Mobile OS into the shadows.

Windows Phone 7 Series has been announced now and Microsoft have come out fighting. There’s a few growing pains though – it seems that all the current Windows Mobile phones and the ones you’ll see over the next few months won’t get a Windows Phone 7 Series upgrade. Yes, we know it’s logical. Yes, we know that Windows Phone 7 Series isn’t ready yet. Yes, we know that Windows Mobile 6.5.x will still be around and it’s very configurable, but… what do you think?

To the right is a very quick poll. We want to get a handle on your feelings and choice of OS this year. Will 2010 be the year you switch? Will you be switching away or back? Let us know ..

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