Windows Phone 7 Series – In video

Windows Phone 7 Series   In video So yes, we did get a video walk-through of Windows Phone 7 Series. Was the light any good? No. However, the GUI did deliver. It didn’t judder, it didn’t pause. It was slick and smoother than polished marble.

We’ve already had stacks of your questions on twitter and we’ve narrowed them down to the following…

-Does it multi-task ? Well, Microsoft aren’t saying. Sorry.

-Will patches roll directly to the handset without network and other barriers ? Microsoft say, “The user comes first. This is a totally different experience.”

-Will the GUI be customizable? Can we add a different navigation system? Microsoft say that they’ve worked with their partners to get a good idea on what customers want. It shouldn’t need a new GUI, but the tiles etc are “extendable”.

Your opinions? We’d love to hear. Personally I’ve been sitting here asking Microsoft to show us just what they can do, and as soon as possible. They’ve delivered today. No, it’s not finished yet and yes, you will have to wait until Christmas, but as Steve Ballmer himself said – “We wanted to show you what we have”. What they have is a huge leap from Windows Mobile – Windows Phone 7 Series has jumped forward and they’ve started again from scratch with the customer in mind all the way. This can only be a good thing.

Click on for our (almost) hands-on and a demo screen showing it much clearer..

Update – The Channel 9 guys got a massive video demo – have a look here. There’s also some rather interesting thoughts on regarding todays’ annoucement. Check out the new emoticon keyboard layout and new misspelled word correction feature – something we didn’t get to see today.

Links – Windows Phones 7 Series VideoDemo Screen 1Demo Screen 2