HTC Bravo – Orange internal documentation appears

HTC Bravo   Orange internal documentation appears The HTC Bravo has received a surge of interest since we first found out that it was about to appear on Orange. Many of you have been told the same by Orange customer service, and Nick Butcher has even stepped up with this PDF. The fact sheet was sent to him by Orange and appears to show the phone only having 320MB of memory.

A few other things are a little weird, like the Copyright notification reading 2008 and the actual image itself is pinched from a website (note the watermarks). However, we’ve seen little indiscretions on internal paperwork before and the email source info definitely stacks up, so we feel that this is legit infor.

Set to arrive in March, this is effectively the same specs as the Nexus One but with the added HTC Sense interface. The weeks just can’t pass quickly enough!

Link – Orange HTC Bravo PDFEarlier story
Credit – Nick Butcher

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