Android Press Event – January 5th. Hello Google Phone

Android Press Event   January 5th. Hello Google Phone Well, Google sure knows how to get us all hyped about a phone. Following all the leaked pictures and video of the Nexus One / Google Phone and a mention of a “new Android phone” on the T-Mobile USA website, there’s now an official launch on January 5th in Mountain View, California. Google have already caused quite a few raised eye-brows because the January 5th launch date is just two days before other manufacturers start winding up their PR machines in Las Vegas for CES (January 7th to 10th). Way to put some noses out of joint 🙂

Now despite what you’ve heard there’s still nothing official from Google themselves about this infamous phone. Sure, they told us it was a phone they were testing, but now it seems that this high-powered Android handset will indeed be revealed officially on January 5th 2010. There’s still stacks of questions, but it’s not long to wait. Looks like the first chess-move of 2010 goes to Google.

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