Voda trims HD2 sales. Offers iPhone as possible alternative

Voda trims HD2 sales. Offers iPhone as possible alternative The iPhone is now expected to arrive on Vodafone on January 14th. You can read more about it on iPhoneBANG, but we’re more concerned about this post in the Vodafone forums. It seems to suggest that the HTC HD2 is being pushed aside to give the upcoming iPhone more of the limelight. A Vodafone moderator also confirms our earlier story about the HD2 vanishing from the consumer section of the Vodafone website – it’s now only available from the Business team. The message states..

“We have seen unprecedented demand for the HTC HD2 and we have sold all our stock. Customers who have already ordered their device will receive it in the next few days. We will continue to offer the device to enterprise customers who can order it through their existing channels.

We have a wide and ever expanding range of smart phones available to Vodafone customers, including the iPhone, coming in early 2010.”

Whilst it’s great to see the “unprecedented demand” for the HD2 we’re a little concerned that it’s no longer available to “regular” consumers and the iPhone is being suggested as a possible alternative…

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