Moto DROID becomes MILESTONE, heads to Europe

Moto DROID becomes MILESTONE, heads to Europe The DROID is only just appearing on Verizon in the USA. Meanwhile, it seemed, the rest of the world had to wait… but not for long. this picture of the GSM version has appeared on the o2 Germany website and now there’s a stonking big Motorola website for the thing here.

Like the previous device, it’ll be changing it’s name – from the “DROID” to the “MILESTONE” and will begin selling soon for €404.20. No news on UK just yet but we’ve already heard rumours of Vodafone and they’re mentioned on the Motorola site too!

Update – Woha, looks like the GSM version has multi-touch, whereas the current Verizon USA version doesn’t. Weirdness. (via, video below)

Links – BGRMotorola MILESTONE