HTC Droid Eris appears on Verizon systems

HTC Droid Eris appears on Verizon systems We’ve heard a lot about “the Droid” and, until now, it’s only meant the Motorola Droid. However, there’s another Droid. It looks like there’ll be an entire range and Verizon have just slipped out some details on their upcoming HTC Droid Eris. It looks a lot like the Hero (which is selling on Sprint) and will apparently launch alongside the Motorola Droid on November 6th.

Now the even weirder bit. Rumour has it that the HTC Droid Eris will run a 528Mhz CPU with Android 1.5… hmm… if we didn’t know better we’d think that this was a Hero with a different name and a tweaked chasis. Either way, it’s yet another Android device to add to the ever-expanding line-up this winter.

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Credit – Jack Braller