Site down, sorry about that.. (Update)

Site down, sorry about that.. (Update) A quick apology. If you tried to get to between 23:00 BST and 03:30 BST or anytime around 14:45 today then it probably would’ve failed. The news from our data centre is that an emergency router firmware upgrade went a little wrong last night. A memory leak on a Cisco Catalyst 6500 / VSS-1440 was causing reduced performance and a firmware update was rolled out. Unfortunately it flattened the config on the router and then, when the config was restored, caused even more problems. The end result was that we went off-air for around 4 hours with more down-time this afternoon

Sorry about that, we’re getting updates as we speak and apparently the latest blip was due to a “fundamental routing reconfiguration”.

Update – We should be OK now.

Update – We’re now back yet again, this time following several hours of downtime on Friday evening. I am NOT a happy bunny.