Rumoured software update for the Hero ?

Rumoured software update for the Hero ? We’ll admit that this is a bit of hearsay right now, but it’s a very interesting bit of hearsay. “Vonn”, over at, says that he’s received an email from HTC Customer Care HQ regarding a software update for the HTC Hero. According to his post ..

“HTC is actively working on a software update that will make your experience on your Hero device better. A partial software update is ready in 10 days and a major release will be available in mid September containing local language support. Please check our website from time to time and update your device when the software is available.”

Now, if this is true and it appears on the 26th or 27th we’ll assume that only the network-free devices (like those supplied by devicewire) can be upgraded via the HTC support site. This gives us the same issue we’ve always had with Windows Mobile kit – it you bought it direct, you can usually get updates – if you didn’t, you’ve got to hassle your network / carrier for it.

Update – It looks like this is more than just a rumour – SlashGear have it confirmed as “coming soon” from HTC too.

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