Even more 6.5 interface tweaks show up.

Even more 6.5 interface tweaks show up. On May 14th this year Microsoft stated that 6.5 was done. Look, here’s the Tweet. However, it looks like some tweaks are still being done to the interface. Earlier stories revealed a more finger-friendly interface and now there’s even more changes with big, layered “OK” / “X” buttons appearing at the bottom of the WinMo 6.5 screen. At first glance it looks like some of the latest IE buttons and zoom-bar style has been carried over into other applications and the main screen. Our opinion? All good stuff, we like.

It sounds like Microsoft are aware that the original 6.5 build in May just wasn’t quite polished enough, so now some final fettling is being done as the build numbers increase. Build 23022, which has already popped up on xda-developers, is showing some positive leaps in interface design.

Link – xda-developers.com