Need a VoIP Softphone? Try Vippie

Need a VoIP Softphone? Try Vippie I’ve had an email today asking for SIP dialer software on WinMo. It’s a very good question and one I’ve stumbled across just recently is Vippie. It’s usually provided by SIP / VoIP providers directly but you can download it seperately here and configure it yourself. It supports the g729 codec to provide great call quality whilst saving bandwidth and it’ll do all the usual SIP-call stuff such as making / receiving calls, getting balance information, rate info, time and call status logs and more.

The software allows you to connect via WiFi, 3G, EDGE and even poor old GPRS. You can also use either the loudspeaker or the GSM speaker to listen to calls – something other products have struggled with in the past. Read on to see it in action on a Touch HD and HTC P6500.
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