Another HTC Sense GUI clone for WinMo

Another HTC Sense GUI clone for WinMo OK Windows Mobile users, listen up. We’ve been looking at the HTC Hero and the new interface – HTC Sense. It all looks very swish indeed and we’re very impressed by just how customizable it is. But, and there is a “but” .. to get it you’ll need to ditch Windows Mobile and go up the Android road. Right? Well no. Not really. We already know about the ThrottleLaumcher theme which makes your WinMo all “Sensed up” but now there’s now another option too.

We’ve been banging on about the rather excellent POintUI Home for ages. If you buy it ($19.95) then you can stick themes on it, like this HTC Sense theme. Currently in it’s first early release there’s a lot more juicy stuff to come according to the roadmap. If you want to see how it performs then watch this video. We’ve gotta say, it comes pretty close indeed.

Links – POintUI HomePointUI HTC Sense theme

Credit – DavidMc0