Windows Marketplace to be Microsoft Store?

Windows Marketplace to be Microsoft Store? We’ve been talking about the new application store for Windows Mobile for some time. Apple have an app store, Google have their Android Market. For months now we’ve heard about Windows Marketplace and it’s arrival on Windows Mobile 6.5. We all smiled when Microsoft also announced that Marketplace was also to arrive on existing handsets powered by WinMo 6 and 6.1 too.

But, on a quick visit to the Windows Marketplace website reveals that it may not be called “Marketplace” at all. A message on the site reads..

“Windows Marketplace has transitioned from an ecommerce site to a reference site. You will find links to sites such as Microsoft Store, Windows Vista┬« Compatibility Center, and other destinations..”

So what is the Windows Mobile application store to be called? Microsoft Store? To be honest, we’re not really sure, but click on to judge for yourself.

Update – OK, it could be that the Marketplace site will get transformed into the Windows Mobile specific shop soon?

Link –

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