GM 730 Announced with silky S-Class UI

GM 730 Announced with silky S Class UI Announced in Singapore this is the LG-GM730. Billed as the “friendly phone”, it uses Windows Mobile 6.1 and is controlled with the LG 3D S-Class User Interface. This UI alone is worth a look, so check this video of it in action. Smooth eh? check out that alarm setting and gallery system. Very nice. This second video shows a rather switch Calendar system too. The LG mantra is “smart but simple”.

Anyhow, back to the specs. A 5 megapixel camera, 3″ WQVGA touch-screen, aGPS, WiFi and Bluetooth v2.1. It should be available in a range of colours too – black, lime and pink. Appearing in Asia next month we’re hoping it will pop up elsewhere soon (come on LG!)

Check those videos out below..

Links – GM730 Product Page